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HSR isn't the most effective way to cut carbon emissions

LAO report recommends legislature not fund HSR

HSR board approves final plan for California bullet train

Caltrain plan would fast-track electric rail

High-speed rail tapped state funds for unusual lobbying contract

Oakland Tribute editorial calls on Gov. Brown to kill high-speed rail

Gov. Brown rejects high-speed rail cost of $100 billion

State Auditor says high-speed rail project is increasingly risky

Doubts cast on cost estimates for high-speed rail alternatives

Roelof van Ark, high-speed rail CEO, resigns

California high-speed rail funding could be in jeopardy

Mercury News editorial: Inflated job numbers another reason to halt high speed rail

High-speed rail would fail in new vote, poll finds

Top analyst warns state could waste $6 billion over high-speed rail

Bullet train cost estimates rise to $98.5 billion

Investors may not back bullet train until after it's running, agency says

City Council gets sobering lesson on HSR

For high-speed rail, looks like the end of the line

Poll: Opinions sour on high-speed rail

CAHSR Board Vice Chair Lynn Schenk Admits Original Business Plan was more "Marketing Piece" (video)

Bulk of high-speed rail costs could fall to state

High-speed rail should go slower

What's more important? Students or trains?

Jerry Brown calls for high speed rail to move forward

Assemblyman Jerry Hill says it may be time to put high-speed Rail on hold (video)

Assemblyman Jerry Hill says it may be time to put high-speed Rail on hold

Letter slams state high-speed rail authority’s handling of project

Key high-speed rail official leaves rail authority

Slower high-speed rail encouraged by officials

California's bullet train plans' moment of truth

Pringle quits California High-Speed Rail Authority board

Key state senator: High-speed rail at political crossroads

Sacramento Bee columnist: High-speed rail on track for debacle

High-speed rail peer review report: Rail project faces serious concerns

High-speed rail critics crank up the pressure

Central Valley start for California high-speed rail proves a political challenge

High Speed Boondoggle Debuts Outdoor Ad Campaign in Central Valley

Former Board Member Kopp recommends firing PR firm Ogilvy

California bulks up high-speed rail lobbying effort - but is it working?

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial: High-speed rail plan should be fixed, not forgotten

Washington Post Editorial: California’s high-speed train project is going off the rails

KGO-TV: High Speed Rail Report recommends another look.

Legislative Analyst's Office: High-Speed Rail Is at a Critical Juncture

Lawmakers want high-speed rail plan simplified

Federal budget cuts endanger California High-Speed Rail

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer: Authority Does Not Have Viable Business Plan

Bullet train backers ask supporters to attend Fresno hearing

State Senator Joe Simitian criticizes the unwillingness of the High-Speed Rail Authority to respond to non-partisan critiques of its performance. (video)

Watchdog Group Estimates HSR Cost Has Increased to $63 Billion from $43 Billion

Hit the brakes on California's high-speed rail experiment

San Francisco Chronicle Open Forum: High-speed rail: Do it right - or don't do it

New York Times: Worries Follow Route of High-Speed California Line

Time Magazine: High-Speed Rail: Obama's High-Stakes Gamble

Wall Street Journal Editorial: "Subsidy Trains to Nowhere"

Contra Costa Editorial: "Must Put a Stop to Ridiculous High-Speed Rail"

California Gets $624 Million for High-Speed Rail But Future Funding Cut

Experts Criticize High-Speed Rail Financial Plan

SF Chronicle Editorial: Obstacles on the Track With High-Speed Rail