We are a group of concerned California citizens who believe High-Speed Rail has become a $68 billion boondoggle that is not what voters wanted when they approved Prop 1A in 2008. We believe people have been misled by the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) about the projectís ballooning costs and that communities throughout the state, including the Central Valley, Peninsula, and southern California, will be permanently scarred by elevated and ground-level structures along the proposed route.

Governor Jerry Brown and the CHRSA want to begin construction in 2012 on a 130-mile segment stretching from north of Bakersfield to south of Merced, using $3.3 billion in federal stimulus funds and $2.7 billion in state bond money. The Legislature must approve the release of state funds and include the money in the state budget before ground can be broken.

The only way to stop the project during this election year is to put political pressure on Gov. Brown and the elected officials who control its purse strings. HSR Boondoggle is using social media, email, letters, public forums and other forms of communication to raise public awareness about the excessive cost and impact of High-Speed Rail, and urge voters to speak up.

Many Californians support High-Speed Rail in concept. So why is High-Speed Rail a boondoggle? Please click here